The LPR column is an integral part of the ATB access system, designed to increase security and streamline access processes. Using advanced number plate recognition technology, the LPR column accurately reads vehicle number plates and seamlessly transmits this information to the back office system.
Equipped with Vision Components‘ VCpro Z carrida camera, with optional infrared illuminator.
Rotating column with discreet design, painted in RAL 7016 anthracite grey.

• Combination with MultiPass and Multikey: In combination with other ATB products, the LPR column offers a comprehensive access control solution. Vehicles with registered plates are automatically recognised, enabling smooth and efficient access.

• Back office management via ATB ISMAS: The recorded plate data is sent to the ATB ISMAS Back Office Manager, which monitors and manages access authorisations. This centralised system ensures that only authorised vehicles are granted access.

• Compatibility with third party systems: The LPR column can be integrated with third-party systems, providing flexibility and enhanced functionality. This allows existing infrastructure to be used and improves the performance of the overall system.

With the LPR column, access to car parks and secure areas becomes simple and automated, simply by recognising licence plates. This technology not only increases security, but also provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for all users.

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