Test our solar lights free of charge for 12 months

and then decide whether you want to buy or return. We will provide you with a solar street lamp type 1460/1462 or a solar floor lamp type 1466 free of charge for a period of 12 months. You then decide whether our solar lights meet your requirements and whether you would like to purchase them or return them to us.

You have the choice between two types of solar lanterns: Solar lantern 1460 and/or Solar lantern 1462 vertical and three different types of illumination.

  • Street and path lighting (e.g. for cycle paths and footpaths)
  • Central parking lot lighting – central installation location of the lantern (e.g. for commuter parking lots, cemeteries)
  • Frontal parking lot lighting (e.g. for parking lots on the street or at bus stops)

We will be happy to help you choose the right solar lantern variant and suitable lighting – all you have to do is tell us the location of the lantern.

Our new 1466 solar floor lamp is the solution for all places where large-scale street lighting is not necessary or possible – such as driveways and forecourts, footpaths and sidewalks, public parks, private gardens, golf courses, hotel grounds, cemeteries, etc. It is 1.20 m high and easy to set up with a weight of 20 kg (without battery).

You can find more information about our new floor lamps here

Includes 5 years free access to our monitoring system

The Lantern Manager allows you to read out operating statuses such as battery charge status, warnings or error messages and various statistical evaluations to optimize the lighting. The access data for the backend will be activated and sent to you after commissioning. You can enjoy our free service during the test phase. The warranty begins after the purchase.