Portfolio Category: Special solutions

Secure storage units

We are proud to be distinguished as exclusive supplier to the German post office. Our strongboxes and till drawers are installed in post offices throughout the whole of Germany. Deposit safe type 1401 Deposit safes can be used to safely store cash, stamps, tickets, etc. The strongboxes are built with the quality of a safe. […]

Charging station

Protecting our environment from climate change has resulted in electric vehicles being heavily promoted. ATB would also like to make a contribution to this and for that reason has developed a charge station (e-Filling Station) for electric vehicles. Our charge stations will be primarily offered in conjunction with our pay & display machines. Here, the […]

P. O. Box racks

We are exclusive suppliers to the German post office and provide them with post office boxes, strongboxes and till drawers throughout the country. Front-loader “Mini” 1403 The front-loader serves as a post depot in agencies and post office branches for people to collect their own post. Post depot for self-collection 3 compartment sizes can be […]