19th July 2022

Secure Truck Parking

Our customers Bosch Service Solutions (Secure Truck Parking) and Freightsafe Ltd. are committed to safe and environmentally friendly truck parking. We, ATB GmbH, support them with our technology as well as with the further expansion of these systems. As a reliable partner, we plan, programme, build and install the complete system, which includes everything from camera monitoring, lighting, roller shutter opening and gate monitoring, loudspeaker system, LTE connection to emergency power supply, which is necessary for safe and trouble-free operation.


Find free truck parking spaces and book them directly online – with Bosch Secure Truck Parking.

Service Solutions (Secure Truck Parking)

is the European booking platform for secure truck parking. Dispatchers can quickly and easily plan parking spaces to match their drivers’ routes. In addition, drivers can also book free parking spaces easily and directly themselves via the app. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in the event of impending driving time overruns.

→ Access for vehicles with permanent entry authorisation via RFID or number plate
→ Access for vehicles with valid Bosch reservation via QR code, PIN code or number plate
→ Intercom station for other vehicles

Installation City Port Magdeburg 2020

Bosch combats lack of parking space (german)

Truck parking with Freightsafe Smart Parking: Increase load and driver safety and protect the environment

Smart Parking


In 2019, the highest crime rate of the TAPA EMEA association was achieved – the highest percentage of which occurred in (secured and unsecured) truck parking areas. That’s why Freightsafe, in partnership with Bosch and ATB, has developed the world’s first modular loading bay – a 24/7 motion-monitored parking space that secures your trailer. It only takes 2 days to set up such a bay.


Running refrigerated trailers on diesel is an important factor in CO2 emissions. Freightsafe Bay has an integrated Nomad Power supply system for your trailer that maintains the temperature of refrigerated trailers using charging systems. This reduces CO2 emissions and creates sustainable supply chains, as opposed to running on diesel generators.

Freightsafe Trelleborg