08th November 2016

Secure storage units

We are proud to be distinguished as exclusive supplier to the German post office.
Our strongboxes and till drawers are installed in post offices throughout the whole of Germany.

Deposit safe type 1401
Deposit safes can be used to safely store cash, stamps, tickets, etc. The strongboxes are built with the quality of a safe. They are equipped with a 3-point lock system, a warded lock with adjustable time delay, a banknote box with ca. 6 litres capacity as well as a deposit lock.

Till drawer type 1402
Till drawers are likewise used for the safekeeping of cash and valuables and are primarily used in teller areas. Thanks to the telescopic guides, the drawers can be pulled out far enough that the complete contents are freely accessible from above. The drawer opens electro-mechanically via a time-controlled lock.

Dimensions and colouring of all products on request.