05th June 2019

Multipass – The allrounder

The Multipass is a versatile and flexible terminal, which stands out with its clear design and simple operation. The small, robust and outdoor-proof housing conceals a wide range of possible applications. You can enter data via a modern touchscreen and a sunlight-readable display, read RFID cards or scan QR codes.

Using an intercom system (Voice-over-IP telephony) it is possible to establish an audio connection with a defined remote station, or communicate with arbitrary telephone numbers via an SIP server.

The terminal operates 4 potential-free outputs and 3 inputs. It is possible to connect barriers, gates, induction loops, or forward on ANPR camera signals. Furthermore, a LAN connection, serial interface, USB connections and an SD slot are also available.

The ILogs front-end (ATB Multipass) impresses with its ease of installation and operation. It can be started or changed if necessary in seconds. The plug connection and all openings can be opened and closed with a lock and key, without tools.