08th November 2016

Back office

ISMAS – Intelligent Service-Management and Accounting-System

ISMAS is the official ATB back office system for our pay & display machines. Here is what ISMAS will do for you:

  • Collect, manage and safeguard your machine data in a database
  • Show you the current status of your machines
  • Create invoices, reports and statistics and export these with a click to MS Excel or Libre-Office
  • Report faults immediately by email to multiple people – even to mobile phones
  • Automatically generate daily, weekly, monthly or annual status or invoicing emails
  • Send tariff data, parameter data and firmware to the machines
  • Synchronise the machine clocks with the server

A web interface is provided to display the status of all machines and to create the reports, thus providing global access to the data via the internet. The web interface is multilingual. Each customer has their own language. ISMAS is multi-client capable and can manage multiple projects. ISMAS runs as a service under Windows, from Version 7.