08th November 2016

1887/1890 validator mobile

More than 150,000 validators have been sold so far as mobile devices for use in buses, trams and trains as well as stationary devices for uses on railway platforms. The mobile validator, type 1887 (cross-stamper) and type 1890 (longitudinal stamper) are distinguished by a long service life of well over 20 years.

Its robust steel housing, the compact, well-arranged construction and its well-proven printing principle make the ATB validator one of the highest quality products for public transportation. All operating conditions are displayed and tests can be carried out directly on the validator via the on-board keyboard. This enables time-consuming dismantling and functional checks in the workshop to be largely avoided.

Klüssendorf has developed a patented printing system for the public transport sector – we have acquired this ‘know-how’ from the long-established Berlin company and continue to successfully employ this technology for our customers in the public transport sector. Both the mobile and stationary versions of this validator are able to stamp strip-tickets, paper tickets or IATA pre-printed documents.