72 new ATB parking meters in Zalaegerszeg/Hungary

72 new ATB parking meters in Zalaegerszeg/Hungary

Together with one of our strongest distribution partners – DBM Banktechnikai Ltd. in Budapest – we installed 72 parking ticket vending machines in the city of Zalaegerszeg in October.
We would like to thank our Hungarian partners, thanks to whose help, support and participation in various tenders there are already more than 1400 ATB parking ticket machines in Budapest, Szeged, Veszprem, Gyula, Eger and many other cities in Hungary.


Click here for the article of 27.10.2022 of the news portal of the Zala district


New parking machines in Zalaegerszeg – card, coin and mobile payment

This week the old parking machines from 1997 will be replaced in Zalaegerszeg. This is being carried out by Városi Városépítő Kft. with full state support as part of the Kovács Károly urban development programme, it was announced at a press conference on Thursday. A total of 72 new parking meters with digital displays will be installed, 22 of which will be powered by solar cells.

There are currently 3,300 pay parking spaces with a total of 72 meters in the zones. For the state-of-the-art equipment, the digital user interface offers a choice of menu systems in Hungarian, English and German. The minimum parking time is 15 minutes. Payment can still be made with coins, which have been accepted until now and must be inserted accurately, as the meter does not give change. A new feature is the acceptance of credit cards, which is expected to be available from the end of next week. The latter is also more convenient, as the time frame can be extended by a quarter of an hour and, conversely, shortened by 5 minutes, as required. The parking tickets will continue to be clearly visible behind the windscreen.

István Horváth, managing director, said that another change compared to the previous system is that the registration number of the vehicle must be provided. In addition to the two payment options, it is still possible to buy tickets with a mobile phone. Information on this can be found on the vending machine website.

The machines are connected to a remote monitoring system. This means that maintenance staff at the centre monitor the technical status of the clocks via a computer system, which enables faster troubleshooting.

The manager added that the vending machines installed in 1997 were breaking down more and more frequently and should now be replaced.